Thursday, October 10, 2013

disney on ice, the fair, my birthday, mud party {a september recap}

 This is a post to catch me up, we haven't had much going on as far as big events, just a little bit of this and that.

In September I started teaching the 2-3 year old Sunday School class at church.  They are good for my little heart.  It's tough to do, but these are the kids my kids are growing up with so it's worth it to me to help shape their little hearts


We went on a mud play date!

image (3)

Sissy didn't play with mud, but she looked cute and played in the grass

photo (12)

We went to Disney on Ice.

image (8)

Gracie loved it and kept saying "this is the best day eva!!"  She about died when she saw that she could take her picture with Belle!

image (6)

image (13)

She passed out afterwards!  Daddy carried her the TWO miles back to the car!

image (7)

We didn't take Adeline with us because she's still a little too young, but she got to go on a date to dinner with mommy and daddy the night before!  She loves getting our undivided attention!

image (9)

but she loves her GG too!  She is a like a little rag doll to Gracie and Adeline just lets her do whatever.

image (10)

We went to the fair, it was a total hot too!  Last year Gracie was scared of the carousel, but we had plenty of rides on it this year.  She took a turn with Mimi, momma, and daddy.

image (12)

My birthday was also during September.  My sweet husband and girls pampered me, I even had time to paint my nails {myself, I will never have time to go to the salon again}


And I got a few new goodies too!  I love my little family and how they love to spoil me on my birthday!

image (14)photo (13)

This little girl is definitely two.  That's about all I can say.  She is sweet as sugar one day, then mean as can  be the next



Most of the time she is my sweet little doll baby though, we haven't had to deal with too many meltdowns.

photo (10)


  1. She looked so cute at Disney on Ice! Love her little shirt/pants outfit! I need to make Ann Elise a shirt before she goes in November! Glad you had a great birthday too! Your purses are gorg! :)

  2. Oh! And how awesome that you are teaching the 2/3 year old Sunday School class!


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